First Time College Students

Steps to Apply

  1. APPLICATION: Complete and submit your official application.
  2. TRANSCRIPT: Request that a copy of your high school transcript be sent to Milligan. 
  3. TEST SCORES: Request that official ACT and/or SAT-I scores be sent directly to Milligan.
    • ACT code: 3996
    • SAT-I code: 1469  ‎

REFERENCES will be required from students who have an ACT score below 19, SAT score (after March 2016) below 990, an old SAT score (prior to March 2016) of 900, or a GPA below 2.75. One academic reference and one church/character reference will be required.  You will be notified if these are required of you.


Undergraduate Admission & Timeline

Milligan honors a rolling admission policy, which means the admission committee will consider applications throughout the year, as long as space is available. However, we encourage students to apply early (by February 1 for Fall) for maximum scholarship and financial aid consideration. Also please note there are some academic and scholarship programs with specific dates and deadlines.

Recommended Preparation

Character, ability, preparation, and seriousness of purpose are all qualities emphasized in considering applicants for membership in Milligan College. A college-prep course pattern is strongly recommended:

  • College prep English
  • College prep mathematics
  • College prep science
  • College prep history and/or social science
  • Two years of a single foreign language
  • Some work in speech, music, or art
  • Satisfactory scores on the ACT or SAT-I (MC freshmen usually average 23 ACT/1080 SAT)
  • Evidence of Christian commitment and academic potential

Advanced Placement Policy

Milligan College only grants course credit for the AP tests and scores listed in the chart below (a maximum of 32 semester hours can be earned by testing). These scores are not used in the admission review process but you may receive credit towards your degree once enrolled. Click here to request that your scores be sent to Milligan for evaluation »


Transfer Credit

College credits from most accredited two- and four-year institutions are widely transferable to Milligan College. Milligan accepts transfer credits in which a grade of C- or better has been earned. Credit is transferred on a course-by-course basis and no grades are recorded for transfer credit.  Should you have specific questions about institutions or courses taken, please contact the admissions office at or your admissions counselor.



Next Steps

AFTER YOU APPLY, your Admission Counselor will communicate with you regularly about your application file and status. Admission decisions are usually made within two weeks of application. If you qualify for an Academic Scholarship, you’ll find that out right away, too.

Once admitted, be sure to visit our ADMITTED STUDENTS page for the next steps to receive maximum financial aid and to secure your spot in the class and campus housing.