Admission Updates

Our fall semester is offered on-campus, with some online options. Our goal is to provide our distinctive educational experience while ensuring everyone’s health and safety. View our fall COVID plan here »

We are accepting applications for future terms and will work with applicants to use unofficial transcripts for admission purposes. We also would be glad to arrange for on-campus or virtual tours, interviews, and meetings with our faculty and staff.

Campus Visits

On-Campus Visits: We are offering on-campus visits, but please note that tour options will be limited and social distancing precautions will be followed according to our fall plan (masks are required and everyone must pass a screening test of basic health questions). You can tour campus, sit in on a class, meet with a professor, eat in the cafeteria, and more.

Virtual Visit: Our admissions recruiters can meet with you to discuss the admissions process, give you a virtual tour of campus, and connect you with faculty or coaches.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are NOT currently offering group visits, Preview Days, or overnight stays.


Transcripts & Test Scores

Due to the COVID-19 situation, requesting official transcripts and test scores has been hard for most students. We can use unofficial copies for admissions purposes. We will work with you individually to use whatever you can provide us at the moment. Contact your admissions recruiter or reach out to for assistance with transcripts and test scores.

Chat with our Admissions Staff

Have a ton of questions or something random to discuss? Schedule a meeting with our Admissions Staff! They’re a fan of video chat through Zoom, which gives you a chance to meet face-to-face while our campus is closed, but feel free to select one of the options to talk on the phone or text. We look forward to connecting!