Combining Her Love of Nursing with Cross-Cultural Ministry in Israel

At Milligan, our professors encourage students to use their degrees in a variety of ways.

Kristina Kayser, who graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, decided to combine her love of nursing with a passion for cross-cultural ministry in Israel.

Kristina works for Shevet Achim, a non-profit organization that helps children affected by heart disease. She works as a translator and a nurse, where she cares for the children after their heart surgeries.


During her time at Milligan, she knew she wanted to pursue cross-cultural ministry, but wasn’t sure where God was leading her. Her classes, and her professors here at Milligan, helped her to prepare for her eventual career and ministry overseas.

Hours and hours of clinicals taught her the knowledge and skills she needs to work with the children at Shevet Achim. Bible and humanities courses helped her to sharpen her worldview, which has been an important aspect of her job overseas. In addition, her professors supported her desire to combine nursing with ministry.

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