Many of Milligan’s academic programs include internship opportunities. The mission of Milligan College is to prepare servant-leaders who can become integral pieces of their respective communities. Internships are the perfect setting for our students to apply what they have learned into the world around them. The goal is to turn knowledge into experience and the desired outcome includes connections and passion.

Below are quotes from some of our Business Administration students who recently completed internships in their fields.

Junior Matt McFalls, who had the opportunity to intern at Farm Bureau Insurance, said his favorite part of the experience was gaining real-world application outside the classroom.

“Milligan has some amazing classes, but getting off campus is very refreshing. Being able to take what we work so hard on in the classroom and use those skills in the real world is very rewarding.”

Senior Holley Kegley, who interned at Health South Rehab Hospital, found her experience to be valuable in more ways than one.

“You can definitely learn a lot from those that are doing it every day. It’s one thing to study management but it’s completely different to be there yourself and see what goes on first-hand. You can also learn a lot about yourself. You learn what your strengths are and the things you need to work on or things where you want to invest more time. This experience really opens up your eyes to what it is really going to be like once you have graduated. So, for those of you that are even the slightest bit interested, I highly recommend this opportunity.”

Senior Taz Arnott interned with the Milligan men’s soccer team and found some ties between his experience and the classroom.

“In addition to preparation, I’ve learned during my internship that effective communication is important in any position. In class, we talk about the importance of effective communication and how this influences those who follow you or trust your judgement. With effective communication you are able to agree upon a common goal, and with that goal, you can motivate others to achieve a common success point.”

For Isaac Barkley, who interned at Eastman Credit Union, he found value in learning to relate to and serve the public.

“This internship was a great experience and it gave me knowledge on finances that I did not know before working there. Instead of just knowing about the different aspects of finance, I gained knowledge about them. One other accomplishment that I feel is important is that this internship strengthened my communication skills, as well as made me more confident in working with the public. You get to interact with the public all day, and they can either be really easy to work with or sometimes difficult. At first, it is tough trying to work with that wide span, but throughout the internship, I learned to trust the information and knowledge I had to help them the correct way.”

Internships in general are important for a number of reasons. First, it is important to connect the concepts you are learning in the classroom to actual scenarios. This helps solidify or further define concepts you have been taught. Internships are also the perfect way to make connections with people working in a field you are pursuing. The relationships you build are perfect for future references, as well as guiding career choices. Another benefit of internships is the ability for you to use it as a testing ground. In an internship, you are given the opportunity to be sure your career path is for you and to explore how your degree can potentially be used.

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