Recent graduate Rachel Swan is excited for her next adventure! While at Milligan, Rachel participated in cycling for two years, was a member of the honors program, tutored for English and Humanities, was involved in the science club, and served at LXI, an intercity outreach non-profit.

Post-graduation, Rachel is headed back home to California to pursue a master’s degree in environmental health science at UCLA. In addition, Rachel said her plans include “loving others well, graduating with my master’s degree, working in environmental research and development for a few years in California, traveling, and then attending medical school.”

Rachel said that professors were critical to her Milligan experience, “Milligan’s professors made a huge impact on my worldview, my scholarship, and my life path. Without them, I would not have been challenged to seek more out of everything I do in life and to look deeper into the deceivingly simple.”

As a recent grad, Rachel gave some advice for incoming students:

  • “Be open to new experiences and relationships with people from different walks of life. Milligan draws a variety of students with different worldviews and perspectives; it would be a disservice to both parties if everyone stayed within their social comfort zone. We have so much to learn from each other!”
  • “Go hike. Milligan is in a prime location to get out and explore God’s creation. There are countless waterfalls and day hikes, not to mention the Appalachian Trail is a 30-minute drive away. Grab a trail guide, a buddy, and go explore!”