Recent graduate Katie-Starr Harrell just earned her biology degree, as well as minors in chemistry, Bible, and humanities. While she was at Milligan, she served as president of the science club and led a Bible study for girls in her dorm. The next step for Katie-Starr is PA school with hopes of one day working in pediatrics, family medicine, orthopedic surgery, or rural medicine.

Milligan Experience:

Katie-Starr said that Milligan made a significant impact on her worldview. “It pushed me to reframe the world as Christ does and to value each human being deeply, regardless of different backgrounds. I love how Milligan expanded my picture of what a Christian community looks like. I also greatly appreciate the high levels of intense scholarship I was encouraged to undertake while here.”

Advice to a Freshman:

Katie-Starr’s main advice is to get involved during your first semester on and off campus; dorm, campus, academics, church, etc. “Don’t sweat the little stuff. Be proud to know that attending Milligan carries great weight in the surrounding community and afar, and you now get to be a part of making that legacy go further. The humanities requirement and the Christ and Culture course will be some of the best courses you take, so apply your best efforts to them. Get to know your professors and their families. Seek Christ in new ways each day, through prayer, scripture reading, and praise– don’t leave God out of your college experience.”