While she was at Milligan, Jordyn Morel majored in communications with a multimedia journalism concentration and also earned a Spanish minor. She was a Goah scholar and was involved with the Stampede, Milligan’s student newspaper. As a recent graduate, Jordyn is pursuing freelance writing while maintaining a job at a local coffee shop, The Coffee Company. Her next step is to return to Bolivia to work in videography for a ministry there. Her long-term goals are to see the world and then work for an international non-profit focused on social justice.

Impact of Milligan:

Jordyn said that Milligan helped her realize the importance of perspective when forming a worldview. “The professors at Milligan taught me to never assume that my worldview is the only way of seeing the world. They also emphasized the importance of stories and every human should be recognized as made in the full image of God.”

Advice to an incoming freshman:

“This place will change your life, if you let it. Allow your mind and what you thought you knew to be stretched, and don’t worry if things get confusing or discouraging– that’s all part of the process of becoming a better human. “