Recent graduate Jonathan Guy is one step closer to fulfilling his call to ministry. While at Milligan, Jon was a Bible major with an emphasis in pastoral ministry. He was also a key member of the orchestra and various campus ministries. Jon plans on becoming a pastor and/or being involved in Bible translation; his next steps include pursuing his Master of Divinity at Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan.

Impact of Milligan:

For Jon, Milligan was a place of cultivation. “I cultivated my abilities as a pastor, both in preaching and in pastoral care. I was able to learn how to communicate the message of the gospel and experience what it means to care for those in spiritual need.”

Jon also expressed his appreciation for Milligan’s learning environment. “I was surrounded by faculty and friends that both challenged me and encouraged me in these areas. Learning these elements of ministry have always boiled down to experiencing what it means to be a disciple of Christ for oneself. My ability to communicate the gospel and to care for others stemmed from my own relationship with God. Milligan ultimately added to that relationship for me!”

Advice for incoming freshmen:

“College is challenging, but I hope you know this hurdle will make you into the person God wants you to be, if you allow Him to walk alongside you during your time here. Jump in to your experience, create strong relationships, and allow yourself to be challenged. You’ll come out a better disciple for it!”