Cassidy Anderson spent her years at Milligan mostly in the science labs and on the basketball court. She recently graduated with degrees in both biology and chemistry. While at Milligan, she competed on the varsity women’s basketball team, worked in the anatomy lab, and was a teaching assistant for the occupational therapy and physician assistant programs. Cassidy took advantage of two research opportunities while she was here. She researched the effects of polarized light on kale growth, as well as the ameliorating effects of virgin coconut oil against oxidative stress. Cassidy was also in the honors program all four years. She is currently in the process of applying to medical schools, but in the meantime, Cassidy is working in an oral surgery clinic.

Impact of Milligan:
The impact of Milligan for Cassidy was life-long friends who pushed, as well as supported, her in pursuit of her career goals.
“The professors have given me the foundation to be competitive in my field, and they provided me with outstanding advice and connections to reach my goals.”

Advice to Freshmen:
Cassidy’s encouragement to freshmen is to know that balance is not as far out there as it may seem at first.
“Even though class and commitments will be difficult to balance at first, the strong foundation Milligan provides in your field will be worth it. Learn to manage your time wisely to be successful in academics, extracurriculars, and also make valuable time to enjoy your college experience with friends.”