Alyssa Boyer-Sprouse took advantage of her opportunities during her time at Milligan. She recently completed her communications degree with an emphasis in public relations as well as advertising and multimedia journalism. She also was a distance swimmer and served as captain of the swim team. Aly spent a large portion of her time at Milligan working within the sports information office where she was a sports photographer and worked with the director to maintain the athletic website. For her senior year, she switched from that role to work with the PR office at Milligan where she was able to gain experience working with Milligan’s various media campaigns.

As soon as she graduated, Aly received a job in the PR office at the University of Tennessee where she now works as a graphic designer for their graduate school. Just after graduation, she was interviewed and offered a GRA position at UT which comes with free graduate school tuition. She accepted and is now pursuing a master’s degree in communication and information with a concentration in public relations.

Beyond her career, Aly’s summer was full of major milestones. Just a few weeks ago, she married Milligan alumnus and former basketball BUFF Cody Sprouse. Cody will be starting medical school at Lincoln Memorial University this fall.

Aly is well on her way to success. Her dream is to one day be a public relations executive and to own her own marketing firm.

Impact of Milligan:

“I would definitely say I would not be where I am now and in my current position if it hadn’t been for Milligan. Every day I get to do what I love at UT, and I am currently designing their new recruitment materials, largely because of the work they saw I was capable of doing while at Milligan. Milligan started me on this path by giving me countless opportunities to work within their own public relations teams. They trusted me, a PR student that was only just starting out, with numerous projects and campaigns where I was able to organize my own ideas and put them into action on Milligan’s campus. Not many colleges would give a student those kinds of privileges and opportunities, and I am so grateful to have been able to do so in my time there.”

Advice to Freshmen:

“Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! I found who I was and who I am called to be at Milligan because I stepped out and took every opportunity that was given to me. I would never have seen myself as a graphic designer and working in public relations for UT. These opportunities led me to be able to work within my dream career field less than a month after graduating! Work hard at what you love, and I promise one day all the hard classes at Milligan will have been worth it.”