Dr. Tara Cosco,

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to share my story about why I teach. I entered the teaching profession for the same reason many educators did, to make a difference. I have wonderful stories from my 19 years in the field, but my greatest reward is happening right now.

I am currently a professor at Milligan College in northeastern Tennessee. I prepare college students to become teachers. Milligan College is a Christian college and I chose Milligan because of its integration with faith.

Recently, I attended a conference and met Dr. Cindy Lang, education professor at Carson Newman University. Dr. Lang and I talked about her program at Carson Newman where education students travel to Mozambique every other year and work at Hlauleka School. We continued to talk about how she set up this program and how I could get involved.

Discussions continued and now I have scheduled my first trip to Mozambique this summer to work in the Hlauleka School. There are seven of us traveling together this summer to visit the school. We will collaborate with teachers there, take school supplies, and share teaching strategies.

My original plan was to go to Africa for a couple of weeks and try to touch the lives of the children and people there. Now, I see that God’s plan is much bigger and hopefully programs like this can expand in the future. I would love to see more education students at Milligan travel to Mozambique to share teaching strategies, learn from the educators there, and form friendships that cross borders. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make an impact on this world and lift up the lives of others.

Written by Dr. Tara Cosco, associate professor of education.