Sending your child to college can be an overwhelming experience for parents (it was for us!).  We were largely unprepared for the emotions that we felt when we moved our son into his dorm for his first semester at Milligan. Despite the emotions and busyness of move-in day, the transition was eased through the encouragement the matriculation ceremony produced. Honestly, we didn’t really know what “matriculation” meant and had to Google it!

Many important life events are punctuated with a ceremony, such as graduating from high school or getting married. This ceremony can be thought of as the first “bookend” to your son’s or daughter’s college experience, with graduating from Milligan being the other. Matriculation is a special time for you as a parent to see the faces of the faculty and fellow students who will become your child’s mentors and friends in the next four years. It is also an important time to reflect on God’s goodness in enabling your child to reach this point in their journey and to take confidence in His future provision for them as they take this large step toward adulthood. This ceremony reminded us of the privilege it is to receive a college education!

We highly recommend that you make time for this special ceremony as an oasis in your transition to having a full-time college student. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to worship God and be welcomed into the Milligan family.


Mark and Karen Cox, members of the Parent Council representing the Class of 2020