Meet Admissions Counselor Oscar Sarmiento. Oscar graduated from Milligan in 2015 with a BA in Bible & ministry and currently serves as a youth pastor at a local church. He recently joined our Milligan admissions team in the summer of 2017. Oscar shares a few great memories of how strong the community is on campus. Here are some of his experiences:

The best thing about Milligan, in my opinion, is the great community that exists on campus. A heavy snow covered our campus during the late hours of a night early in my spring semester of senior year. I woke up to a campus text that announced the cancellation of classes due to heavy snow; that alone was great news, but something even greater happened. About an hour after I woke up, I realized that my roommates were cooking what I would later learn to be a communal breakfast. Since we were all stuck indoors for the time being, two of my roommates compiled all the eggs, bacon, and pancake batter they could find and made breakfast for everyone in the building who wanted to come.

I spent the greater part of that snowy morning eating breakfast with my roommates along with other guys from my building. While this may seem unimportant, it is something I will never forget. In that moment when classmates became friends, we were the microcosm of a larger community experience that happened all across Milligan.

Another memory I hold dear of my time at Milligan was the outpouring of support when one of my close friends, Chris, was diagnosed with cancer. It was the fall of our sophomore year and everything was going smooth as usual. Chris, a runner for Milligan, had just participated in a 5k that inaugurated our Homecoming week. After that 5k, he was not feeling very well and ended up being rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer. However, looking back, the most prominent part I remember isn’t the cancer but the way the Milligan community surrounded Chris and his family and gave him support and love during this trying time. His dad was able to stay in the dorm for as long as needed to visit Chris at the hospital (which helped save on hotel expenses); the entire campus joined together in a night of prayer for him, purchasing bracelets and donating money to go to the family to help with whatever expenses came about.

This was definitely a sad and trying time for Chris, his family, and all of us who love him dearly; but it also was a great chance to see the Milligan community come together and see God do a wonderful work in the lives of many! Thankfully, Chris made a full recovery and was able to return to Milligan, join the men’s volleyball team, and finish his degree. This will always be one of the dearest memories I have of Milligan College.

Many students attribute their college experience to the community that surrounds them. College is not just about the grades you make, but the lifelong relationships that develop and the sweet memories you cherish for years to come. Very soon, you will get to start making your own Milligan memory!