Brooke Gomez

Brooke Gomez

Unsure, to the Unique Major

Brooke graduated in 2016 and is now serving her community through her gift of photography. Though Brooke began her time at Milligan unsure of what to major in, she spent her freshman year at Milligan determining her interests and skills.

During a Milligan College Convocation service her freshman year, the speaker asked, “What do you have in your hand?”

This question resonated strongly for then freshman Brooke (Whitley) Gomez, who had spent the past semester with the label “undecided.” Only days later, she would have to register for spring courses, and panic had set in when she realized that completing another semester without knowing her major could delay graduation set for 2016.

“A camera and a pen” was her answer to the speaker’s question.

“It was in that Convocation service that I realized God had given me passions that were attached to certain skills,” said Gomez. “That is when the dream for my future career began.”

“I long to shed light on and bring awareness to a plethora of people groups, pressing situations, and problems by telling the stories of individuals who have names and faces, while sharing the ultimate story of the Gospel,” said Gomez.

Through Milligan’s Interdisciplinary Honors Major, with the guidance of a team of faculty, Gomez was able to craft a major that would suit her unique dreams and goals.

“I one day want to establish a nonprofit organization that serves other nonprofit organizations,” said Gomez. “I want to do this by providing tools they need in order to bring awareness, raise support, or stir people to action by using visual communications.”

The major that Gomez created alongside Milligan faculty members Dr. Carrie Swanay, area chair of performing, visual, and communicative arts; Alice Anthony, associate professor of art; and Dr. Susan Higgins, area chair of social learning, is titled missional communications. The combination of communications, business, political science, and missions-oriented courses that synthesizes this major forms a well-rounded, yet in-depth curriculum suited for Gomez’s career goals. It is a communications degree through an international lens.

“This preparation has not only equipped me for the technical and professional side of communications,” said Gomez, “but also prepared me for the challenging contexts I will experience in my future.”

In addition to the interdisciplinary honors major, Gomez’s journey at Milligan as a whole molded her.

“Being a wife, a friend, a team member, and many other things while also having the role of college student has forced me to be aware of my own identity,” said Gomez.

As a member of Milligan’s dance team, she learned how to function as part of a team and lead at the same time.

She also learned about the urgent nature of deadlines through her classes, as well as in her internship in Milligan’s Public Relations and Marketing Office.|

“In the pursuit of honoring God by educating men and women to become servant-leaders, Milligan is a stepping-stone in my journey of honoring him as well,” said Gomez.

Now that Brooke has graduated, she and her husband work together in their photography business, We Are One Photography (To see some of their gorgeous photos, be sure to check out their Instagram: @weareonephoto). Brooke says that although it was scary for her to step out and run a small business, the process of “going off the beaten path” was made a bit easier since she learned how to forge her own path through the interdisciplinary honors major.

We look forward to see how Milligan College may shape YOUR career.

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