The moment Mandy stepped on Milligan’s campus, she knew she was home. “My tour guide knew every person we passed and spoke to them like close friends. The professors impressed me with their obvious love for their students. It is an unmatchable atmosphere of Christian community,” she says.

mandy 4During her time at Milligan, Mandy majored in child and youth development (K-6 licensure) and minored in Bible in order to prepare her for her calling to the mission field. She claims, “Not only did my major prepare me to teach children, but the support, encouragement, prayers, and mentoring of the people at Milligan showed me I was capable of doing what I was called to do.”

Aside from preparing both educationally and spiritually for the mission field at Milligan College, Mandy was able to receive the benefits of immersing herself in community. She not only met her best friends throughout college, but she was also able to make connections with people at Milligan who pointed her towards Serving Paraguay. Serving Paraguay is the mission organization that runs an orphanage Mandy works at. In addition, she teaches English at a local school.

Mandy says that “Through my Bible classes and the Godly counsel of my professors, God showed me how He wanted me to serve open-handedly in the world.

The Lord used Milligan to guide Mandy’s steps towards missions through the community and education at Milligan. How can Milligan help you find your calling?