Dr. Michael Blouin, an English and Humanities professor at Milligan College, hails from Michigan State University via Vermont. Milligan’s strong humanities program attracted Blouin to Milligan. While Blouin was a student at the University of Vermont, he joined the Honors College – a life altering experience. He enjoyed the strong community of students who were engaged and thoughtful. He found that the Honors College created an atmosphere of interdisciplinary learning, an essential part of the college experience.

Blouin notes the importance of the honors students engaging with students outside of the honors program. By “staying firm to the mission of Milligan, when the students are opened up to the rest of campus, they are then enriched by campus in return,” Blouin said. He and Dr. Amy Edmonds intentionally set up the program so students are integrated with the rest of campus in their general education courses, dorm life, and in the cafeteria. However, being a part of the Honors Program does have a few fun perks – enhanced learning opportunities, pizza parties, and their own Honors Lounge in the P.H. Welshimer library (to name a few).

While the Honors program brings key speakers onto campus to deliver lectures the Milligan student body is invited to attend, the Honors students get the unique opportunity to meet and share a meal with brilliant professors from other universities.

The servant-leadership aspect of the program such as the freshman service project and senior service capstone project reinforces the connection between serving and academia, a vital aspect of being well-rounded.

Blouin looks forward to seeing the Honors Program continue to grow. He hopes to see a culture of self-sustaining students who lift each other, and as a result, the rest of campus up to become well-rounded servants of this world.