Connections is just around the corner, and you may be swimming in a sea of questions. First, do not worry! There is no pressure on you to perform in any way. To help you feel more prepared, we have answered a few common questions and shared some general tips and advice.

Let’s start simple, what is Connections?

Connections is Milligan’s new student orientation. At this event, you will be able to meet many of your future peers and professors, create your class schedule, learn your way around campus, participate in some exciting activities, get your student ID made, and more. Most important, it is a time for the idea of college to set in more and for the excitement to begin!

What mindset do you need coming in?

Be ready to engage and participate in the day. You will receive a lot of information throughout the day, so be prepared to ask questions and learn what life is going to be like as a college student. Be open to getting to know new people! You will have the opportunity to meet many of your future peers. Try to exchange numbers with a few of them so that you can encourage each other all the way through Welcome Week.

What tangible things should you seek to accomplish and what outcomes may you expect?

Do everything on the schedule! Don’t skip an activity or lecture because you think you already have the information you need. There are things incorporated to every piece of the day that will prove to be important.

Expect a realization that this is real! Milligan College is a real place where you will be living. The people around you are real peers that may become your best friends. You’ll soon be joining our community, so get excited!

What should you wear?

Don’t worry about dressing super fancy. Most people wear a nice school outfit. The most important thing is that you wear something that helps you feel comfortable and confident. Also, don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking all over campus.

Check the weather before you come. Most of the sessions will be indoors, but there will be opportunities to walk around campus. Tennessee weather is a bit unpredictable, so pack an umbrella or a jacket just in case!

How do you make your class schedule?

You will be making your class schedule with your mentor or adviser at some point during the day, if you’ve paid your enrollment deposit. You do not have to have all of your courses planned in advance. Most freshman follow a similar path and take general education courses in the first semester. Trust your adviser. They generally know what your major requires and what students can handle. However, it is helpful to come in with some courses in mind. Look at what is required for your major, and have an idea of what courses you would like to take. You can review the suggested course sequences for your major here.


Overall, connections is an opportunity for you to, well, connect. You will be given the opportunity to make connections with your peers, further connect with campus, and put names to faces of the faculty and staff you will learn from during your time here. You also will make the connection between the Milligan that sends you papers to sign and the actual place where you will be living and studying in the near future. Use these connections for your benefit, and you will be ready for August!

Written by Abbie Russell ’21