There’s no doubt that this year has looked a lot different on campus than previous years. The Milligan community is doing their part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 through mask-wearing, social distancing, daily screening for symptoms, and more.

Though this semester has had its challenges, students are finding ways to make community and create a new normal on campus.

Junior Jemimah Ndune interviewed students on campus to get their thoughts on what the semester has looked like on campus so far.

Brooke McEwen

The students who participated in these answers are:
Annalea Hines – junior Communications major
Benjamin Robinson – junior Computer Science major
Valentina Kenyeres – senior Economics major
Dylan Powell – junior Child & Youth Development major
Brooke McEwen – freshman Nursing major
Micah Carrier – junior Political Science major
Arianna Thompson – junior Early Childhood Education major


What has been your favorite activity so far this semester?

Annalea: “I really enjoyed food trucks during Welcome Week.”

Benjamin: “Ultimate frisbee”

Valentina: “Grocery Bingo

Brooke: “TWIRP week. I really enjoyed getting to be a part of a really cool and fun Milligan tradition.”


What are some cool things your professors are doing to make classes fun or more engaging?

Brooke: “In Psychology, we do a few personality quizzes to learn more about ourselves.”

Dylan: “Most of my professors have changed their teaching method to keep the classroom more engaged. Dr. Eisenback includes hand drawn illustrations with his lecture, so students on Zoom get a better understanding.”

Micah: “In my Plants and Society class, we go on hikes as part of our lab experience to explore plants and trees that we learned about.”


How are your relationships with friends? Do you feel close to your friends?

Annalea: “I have adapted to social-distanced life and I do feel close to with my friends.”

Valentina: “Not only do I feel close to my friends, but I have also made new friends.”

Brooke “Besides bonding with my team, I have gotten close to my best friend, Erica. We pretty much do everything together.”


How do you feel about the overall atmosphere of campus?

Micah: “The atmosphere is cautious to limit spread of COVID-19. Students are practicing social distance in and out of the classroom.”

Annalea: “Students are learning to adapt to the current environment.”


What do you do to destress?

Micah: “Hike or go for a walk. I’ve found those activities give me the opportunity to find rest.”

Benjamin: “I sit back and catch up on a Netflix show.”

Dylan: “I usually nap to help destress. It allows me to rest and recover. I also enjoy listening to music while I work on assignments.”


What does your daily routine look like?

Valentina: “I typically have early morning practices. Then I am off to classes. After, I grab lunch, head to second practice, then spend my evening doing homework. When I am free, I hang out with my friends.”

Annalea: “I get up, fill out the Ascend app screening process, go to class, and eat lunch. In the evening, I socialize with friends, get homework done, and head to bed early.”

Arianna: “My routine is to wake up and get ready for class, breakfast, then class. Once I am done for the day, I go to the gym and come back to my dorm and do homework.”


Though the semester has looked different, we are proud of the ways students have adapted to the new environment and are finding new and creative ways to build community and enjoy their college experience.

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