Guy’s Edition

Welcome to Buff Nation! My name is Josiah Loveall and I am going into my sophomore year at Milligan studying church leadership. The few months, weeks, and days leading up to my first days at Milligan were filled with anticipation, and I’m sure yours are too. If you’re like me, you’re pretty concerned about what you should bring to your new home. What kind of decorations? Should I bring a coffee maker? Should I get a mini fridge with or without a freezer? Am I allowed to have a Christmas tree in my room year-round? Well friends, I can tell you that you’re not alone in your pondering, and I hope to answer some of your questions now.

My first piece of advice would be to correspond with your future roommate and talk about what the other has to provide for the room. For instance, if your roommate has a microwave, don’t buy one (great tip, I know). The stereotype of eating Ramen Noodles at 1:00 am is so incredibly real my friends. After this, I would suggest that you discuss what the two of you can provide together. If you both want a carpet for the room, split it fifty-fifty. My roommate and I also decided to split the purchase of a year-round Christmas tree for our room (when you know you’ve found the right roommate, you just know). You can also have the same conversation about splitting costs with your suitemates – the four of us decided we would split toilet paper costs four ways.

On the more fun side, take the opportunity to make your dorm room your home – this means posters, snacks, those incredibly comfy socks (you know the ones), bedding that you want to sleep in regularly, and pictures of your family and friends. If you choose to bring a TV or any type of media, I encourage you to use it as a way to bring people together, rather than isolating yourself. Don’t worry about bringing movies because the library has a great variety to borrow. Last but not least, video games. It seems like the common denominator amongst us men. I would encourage you to try and play them as little as possible within your first few months at Milligan. When I put video games aside, I had the opportunity to make some incredible friendships and discover a little bit more about who I am.

My last piece of advice is not to be afraid to have the (awkward) conversation with your roommate about boundaries. If a messy room stresses you out, you have the opportunity to save yourself from a lot of tension. If you don’t want your roommate eating all your Cheetos, tell him.

College is fantastic! You’re going to meet so many new people and experience yourself in a way you never have before. If you let Him, God will make you grow in ways you never thought possible. Milligan cares about its students, your personal growth in your studies, and your relationship with God. If you want to put a face to the little voice that has been reading this to you, come by Webb 117. I can’t wait to get to know you this fall.

-Written by Josiah Loveall ’22