Interested in our Master of Science of Counseling (MSC) program, but not sure what all it entails?

In the spring and summer, we offer an event called “Student for Night” to help students like you get acquainted with our program.

The night includes sitting in on a counseling class, meeting professors in the program, touring campus, and asking questions of current students.

Here’s some tips to make the most out of the event:

  1. Ask questions. Our faculty are experts in their fields, so ask them about potential careers in counseling, specialty options, and what drew them to the world of counseling.
  2. Focus on class material. You will get to sit in on a real counseling class, so think about the content being presented. Is it interesting to you? Is it something you want to pursue? Would you enjoy delving further?
  3. Get a student perspective. Students in the program will be available for questions, without any faculty or staff nearby. Ask about their experience—what they enjoy about the program, what’s difficult, and what they plan to do long-term. They will give you honest feedback to help you as you think about joining our program.
  4. Talk with Admissions. Jenni Duran, our recruiter for healthcare programs, will share information about the admissions process. Make sure you understand the requirements so that the admissions process will be smooth if you decide to apply.
  5. Pray about your future. After the event, take some time to talk with God, and ask if pursuing your MSC is your next step.

We’d love for you to attend “Student for a Night” and see if earning your MSC is the next step in your career.

Contact Jenni Duran at 423.461.8424 or to see when the next events will be held.

To learn more about the MSC program, visit our website.