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Sarah Douglas: Honors Capstone

Milligan senior Sarah Douglas of Williamsburg, Virginia, is well on her way to graduating with honors after completing her honors program capstones. As part of Milligan’s Honors Program, students are required to complete two of four capstone projects. The options include a service practicum, undergraduate research, a senior thesis, and a semester abroad. Douglas, who […]


Meet Milligan: Dr. Michael Blouin

Dr. Michael Blouin, an English and Humanities professor at Milligan College, hails from Michigan State University via Vermont. Milligan’s strong humanities program attracted Blouin to Milligan. While Blouin was a student at the University of Vermont, he joined the Honors College – a life altering experience. He enjoyed the strong community of students who were […]


Research Aids CF Patients

The friendship between seniors Andi Lamb, of Chuckey, and Kellee Geren, of Cleveland, began when they connected as lab partners in their first chemistry class at Milligan. “We have been lab partners in the majority of our classes over the years,” reflected Lamb. “We really balance each other out in the lab and enjoy working […]


Engineering Clean Water

Many residents in Sneedville’s (TN) Cedar Grove community lack access to clean water in their homes. The community relies on a local mountain spring to meet their daily needs. To access the natural spring’s water, residents created, and continue to maintain, a plastic piping system that conveys water down the mountain to a public access […]


Senior Perspective: Yordanos Kereta

Yordanos (YK) Kereta is a recent graduate of Milligan College’s nursing program. While at Milligan, she was an active member of the Student Nurses Association and was highly involved on campus. YK is currently deciding on several job offers, including the opportunity to be a RN on a medical surgical unit at IU Health in […]


Senior Perspective: Alyssa Boyer-Sprouse

Alyssa Boyer-Sprouse took advantage of her opportunities during her time at Milligan. She recently completed her communications degree with an emphasis in public relations as well as advertising and multimedia journalism. She also was a distance swimmer and served as captain of the swim team. Aly spent a large portion of her time at Milligan […]


Alumna Perspective

What I wish people understood about studying science at a small college Sometimes people ask me why I chose to attend a small liberal arts college to pursue a basic science degree. I won’t tell you that attending a small school is the best choice for everyone, but it was the right decision for me. […]


Senior Perspective: Rachel Swan

Recent graduate Rachel Swan is excited for her next adventure! While at Milligan, Rachel participated in cycling for two years, was a member of the honors program, tutored for English and Humanities, was involved in the science club, and served at LXI, an intercity outreach non-profit. Post-graduation, Rachel is headed back home to California to […]


Prof. Tara Cosco: Why I Teach

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to share my story about why I teach. I entered the teaching profession for the same reason many educators did, to make a difference. I have wonderful stories from my 19 years in the field, but my greatest reward is happening right now. I am currently […]


#TracksToSuccess: Bo Pless

“Bo doesn’t allow pride to get in the way of what is most important, winning with his teammates. In addition, he has a sincere faith that he lives every day. Bo is an amazing example of what Milligan looks for in their student athletes.” –Head Basketball Coach Bill Robinson


Meet Prof. Heather Vaccaro, Instructor of Business Administration

Professor Heather Vaccaro serves as instructor of business administration and has a long-standing relationship with Milligan. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting at Milligan as well as her MBA with an emphasis in leadership. She served in the Milligan admissions office as an admissions counselor and later as the interim director of admissions […]


Meet Dr. David Campbell, MBA Program Director

Dr. David Campbell serves many roles on Milligan’s campus, including associate professor of economics, the director of the MBA Program, and the area chair of business. He graduated with a bachelor’s in economics from James Madison University, then later completed a master’s in economics and a Ph.D. in economics at George Mason University. “I love […]


Meet Dr. Tausha Clay, Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Tausha Clay has been serving as a professor in the education  department at Milligan for 13 years. She received her bachelor’s in early childhood education from ETSU then taught for several years in North Carolina and Tennessee. She returned for her Master of Education in early childhood development at ETSU and then pursued her […]


Meet Dr. Melinda Collins, Nursing Chair

Dr. Melinda Collins knows a thing or two about nursing. She graduated with a master’s in nursing from Vanderbilt University and completed her doctorate of philosophy in nursing at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. In addition to her classroom knowledge, Collins has served in various roles in the world of nursing – she has […]


Meet Milligan: Dr. Carolyn Carter, Computer Science Prof

Dr. Carolyn Carter serves as professor of computer information systems and business administration at Milligan. Her expertise in the fields of computer science and computer information systems has led her to teach across all degree levels that Milligan offers. She teaches classes in many different areas, including undergraduate, adult degree completion, Master of Business Administration […]


Meet Milligan: Women’s Basketball Coach Rich Aubrey

This article originally ran here  in the Johnson City Press, Nov. 19, 2017. By Tanner Cook, JCP reporter Rich Aubrey fell in love with basketball when he stepped out on the court at his local high school in Pittsburgh and started doing ball-handling drills in the first grade. Since then, it has been a match […]


Meet Milligan: Dr. Noah DeLong, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Noah DeLong, a vocal professor for Milligan College’s music department is quite ecstatic over the addition of the college’s musical theatre major, coming to Milligan Fall 2018. DeLong joined the faculty at Milligan in 2010. He received his master’s from Ball State University and pursued his PhD at the University of Iowa while teaching […]


Meet Milligan: Art Brown, Graphic Design Prof

Milligan College new graphic design major is led by an award-winning designer Art Brown, assistant professor of communications teaching graphic design. Brown has 20 years of experience in corporate and academic settings. He has created work for Fortune 500 companies and numerous regional companies and organizations. Brown holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art/graphic […]


Meet Milligan: The Many Roles of Laura Mehl

Laura Mehl is a 2016 alum from Milligan College. She came to Milligan from Dobbyns Bennett high school in Kingsport, TN. Milligan launched her from a small town, East Tennessee life into New York City where she now studies musical theatre and pedagogy at the master’s level at New York University. We recently sat down […]


Meet Milligan: Serving on a Global Scale

“After I got here, I realized that, thanks to Milligan and its modest scale, I was growing stronger as a person and as a Christian by coming closer with the people who surround me.”


Meet Milligan: Sharing the Gospel in Guatemala

While Milligan College’s mission is to prepare its students to be servant leaders in any field of work they choose, many students come to the college already practicing servant leadership. JD McDonald, a junior from Johnson City, Tennessee, has volunteered with Clubhouse Guatemala for the past six years during the summers. Clubhouse Guatemala is a […]


Meet Milligan: A Passion for Design

As part of Milligan’s inaugural class of graphic design majors, Candace Tingle’s talent earned her a coveted internship at one of the largest manufacturing companies in the Tri-Cities region. Last year, Tingle began working at Eastman Chemical Company in her hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee, as a marketing intern, but quickly was recruited to help out […]


Meet Milligan: A Bold Step Towards Community

What makes a college experience worth a 1400 mile move? Community. Milligan’s reputation of community found Keila (who is now a sophomore at Milligan) in her hometown in Texas. When she was a senior in high school, she applied for the school and received a full-tuition scholarship. She made her final decision to go to Milligan […]


Meet Milligan: Testing the Waters of Research

So you’re looking for colleges, and there are a lot of choices. You can go to a public university, a community college, a technical school . . . or you can choose a liberal arts college. But what if you want to major in a science? How can a liberal arts school help you achieve […]