Milligan College has hired two new faculty members for its growing engineering program: Dr. Ke Bao and Dr. Landon Holbrook. Both will start this fall.

Bao, who will teach electrical engineering, holds a master’s and doctorate in electrical and computer engineering from The University of Alabama. He earned his bachelor’s in electrical engineering and automation from Ocean University of China in Qingdao, China.

Specializing in artificial intelligence and power systems, Bao has numerous honors and publications, including a U.S. patent for “AI-Augmented, Ripple-Diamond-Chain Shaped, Rateless Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Multi-Beam Directional Antennas,” which he holds along with Fei Hu and Sunil Kumar.

Holbrook, who will teach mechanical engineering, earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University. He specializes in how engineering can impact the community and the function of aerosol delivery for medical treatment, the latter of which he has published research extensively.

In 2008, Holbrook assisted with the design of a surgical clinic in Danja, Niger, as part of an Engineering Ministries International internship. In 2011, he participated in an Engineers Without Borders Assessment Trip, investigating water quality at a school in Virginia.

“Both of these professors are at the top of their respective fields and also are Christian servant-leaders who care about changing lives in their community,” said Harrell, director of the engineering program and a lead technical advisor for the U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Programs and the U.N. Industrial Development Organization. “These men will join other esteemed engineering faculty members including a past West Point professor and NASA fellow, as well as a Fulbright Scholar.”

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