Kastens to lead new ministry leadership program

“I have a passion for mentoring young men and women for leadership in the church. Within the context of a nationally-recognized Christian liberal arts education, the Ministry Leadership Program will be a powerful way to develop the next generations of leaders. Education plus experience equals immediate and long-lasting impact for men and women in church leadership.” –Ron Kastens


#TracksToSuccess: How Tommy Parker Is Living Out the Gospel, One Year at a Time

Tommy Parker (’12) is a twenty-something who gets the notion of vocation. With a degree in Bible and minors in computer information systems and humanities, he has found ways to marry his passion for ministry over the last five years with the knowledge, skill, and experience he garnered while an undergrad at Milligan. Each job […]


Students help rebuild in Houston

“We worked very well together and learned a lot about teamwork and the importance of community.” –Campus Activities Director Jason Onks


Standing Under Pressure: Engineering students put model bridges to the test

Sophomore Milligan College engineering students have studied forces in structures all semester in “Statics” class, but today, they put their book knowledge to the test with a friendly bridge-building competition. Teams constructed bridge models out of balsa wood and loaded them with weight on a home-made compression tester. A bridge made by Bo Pless, Sarah […]


Meet Milligan: Women’s Basketball Coach Rich Aubrey

This article originally ran here  in the Johnson City Press, Nov. 19, 2017. By Tanner Cook, JCP reporter Rich Aubrey fell in love with basketball when he stepped out on the court at his local high school in Pittsburgh and started doing ball-handling drills in the first grade. Since then, it has been a match […]


Meet Milligan: Dr. Noah DeLong, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Noah DeLong, a vocal professor for Milligan College’s music department is quite ecstatic over the addition of the college’s musical theatre major, coming to Milligan Fall 2018. DeLong joined the faculty at Milligan in 2010. He received his master’s from Ball State University and pursued his PhD at the University of Iowa while teaching […]


Meet Milligan: Art Brown, Graphic Design Prof

Milligan College new graphic design major is led by an award-winning designer Art Brown, assistant professor of communications teaching graphic design. Brown has 20 years of experience in corporate and academic settings. He has created work for Fortune 500 companies and numerous regional companies and organizations. Brown holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art/graphic […]


Meet Milligan: Dr. Michael Blouin, Co-Director of the Milligan Honors Program

Dr. Michael Blouin, an English and humanities professor at Milligan College, hails from Michigan State University via Vermont. Milligan’s strong humanities program attracted Blouin to Milligan as he holds an interdisciplinary degree himself. While Blouin was a student at University of Vermont, he joined the Honors College–a life-altering experience. He enjoyed the strong community of […]


God’s Call For Your Life, Part 2

Written by the School of Bible & Ministry faculty A previous blog encouraged you to think of calling and God’s will for your life like God does—broadly and graciously. Here we give some practical advice about how to do so. First, please know that God is calling you to serve him right here and right […]


God’s Call for Your Life, Part 1

An important goal of this blog entry is to remove this perceived dilemma by dispelling the notion that all Christians will neither find fulfillment nor be pleasing to God until they fill that specific role that God has predetermined.


Meet Milligan: The Many Roles of Laura Mehl

Laura Mehl is a 2016 alum from Milligan College. She came to Milligan from Dobbyns Bennett high school in Kingsport, TN. Milligan launched her from a small town, East Tennessee life into New York City where she now studies musical theatre and pedagogy at the master’s level at New York University. We recently sat down […]


Meet Milligan: Serving on a Global Scale

“After I got here, I realized that, thanks to Milligan and its modest scale, I was growing stronger as a person and as a Christian by coming closer with the people who surround me.”


Getting Connected

One of the scariest parts about going to college is the newness of it all. You’re not at home anymore, you have a new realm of responsibilities, and you’re in an entirely different social atmosphere than high school. We’ve all been there. While it is an exciting time, it can also be a nerve-wracking time, […]


Meet the 2017 Jeanes Scholars

“Boone and Amanda have agreed to take their place as leaders within a highly selective program–the Milligan Honors Program. We are very proud of them both and delighted to welcome them to this close-knit community of outstanding academics.” –Dr. Michael Blouin, co-director, Honors Program